Wednesday, August 5, 2009

just in time for Sock Summit '09, i'm moving my blog over to

see you there!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 posts in 2 days!!!!

In order to further my goal of using up some of my sock yarn stash before Sock Summit in August, I have gone and purchased Cookie A's Sock Innovation book last night after work.

Oh my, oh my, the socks I will be making soon!!!!

I just have to decide which pair comes first.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

renewed commitment

mostly b/c i'm a wee bit bored at work! but also b/c of some things that happened in the last week have reminded me that i really don't blog for all of you out there (although i love that you come and visit), but that the real reason i keep this blog is to have a running commentary on where knitting is in my life.

and its been in my life a lot since the start of the year. quite a few socks, a vest, some hats and then it all got interrupted by my first attack ever of asthmatic bronchitis. shocking really, but for about 2 weeks, knitting was far from my thoughts and even farther away from my fingers.

but i am well on the way to recovery, so the knitting has picked up again. there are 2 different pairs of socks on my needles as well as some final fixes to mittens i made for a friend's children. yes they won't be able to use them this year, but i made them big enough that they will still fit next year.

here's a fun update! one of my favorite things to knit is socks. fast, portable and the perfect place to try out odd pattern stitches, they really are fantastic. and this year, i'm going to Sock Summit!!!

Sock Summit (for those who don't know) will be held in Portland, Oregon in August of this year. It's basically Dragon Con for sock knitters. Some really incredible teachers, amazing lectures, and of course, fantastic opportunities for stash enhancement!!!

but the problem with stash enhancement is that i already have a lot of sock yarn at home. Granted, not as much as some people (yes, i'm looking at you). But while Glenna C and I were wondering how our stash of sock yarns kept growing, we were also making plans to buy more sock yarn in August, which immediately stressed me out a bit and made me a wee guilty.

so i came up with a plan and a bit of a challenge. glenna and i sort of informally agreed that we were not going to buy new sock yarn until August, but allowing ourselves two instances of "oh, look what followed me home from the yarn shop!" or "i was knocked out and someone put this skein of sock yarn in my bag!" Really, she has 2 events coming up in the next few months that could make it impossible not to buy yarn, and i have a stressful job and sock yarn is my sedative.

now to make it seem more "real" to us, i encouraged her to gather up all of her sock yarn, take a picture of it, and post it to her blog. it will give her the visual reminder of just how much stash she can bust through, and then have no guilt in spending when we are at Sock Summit!

and then i decided to do the same. b/c really, i can't expect her to do something i wouldn't do myself, right? so below is (most) of my sock yarn (i found a few stragglers out in the living room). looking at it, i have PLENTY to keep me busy between now and August. and remember, another 2 skeins from the RSC, one in May and one in July, that don't count as new purchases b/c i actually "purchased" them in January. now, i just need to get that Cookie A sock book...

a slew of sock yarn!!!

to the one or 2 people who actually look at my blog, keep me honest!!! no sock yarn until August!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

yeah i suck

i really am the laziest blogger out there, but eventually even i will update this blog.

but i have just one thing to post right now:

remember this sock?

this is the Eye of Jupiter sock, made with Eye of Jupiter yarn from Sereknity. I only made one b/c i got pissed that the show was going away for a hiatus (otherwise know as "torture the fans"), but vowed that i would return when the series came back.

well, my beloved show, which will break my heart (if you spoil me, i will stab you with a knitting needle) returns on Friday for a final batch of episodes.

while i have banished the yarn to the depths of the stash closet, i know exactly where it is. and so it will be pulled out and the sock will be worked on.

i promised TPTB that when they gave me my show back, i would finish the sock in time for the series finale.

and i will get started on fulfilling my promise, as soon as i get back from Toronto this weekend.

so say we all.