Monday, January 12, 2009

yeah i suck

i really am the laziest blogger out there, but eventually even i will update this blog.

but i have just one thing to post right now:

remember this sock?

this is the Eye of Jupiter sock, made with Eye of Jupiter yarn from Sereknity. I only made one b/c i got pissed that the show was going away for a hiatus (otherwise know as "torture the fans"), but vowed that i would return when the series came back.

well, my beloved show, which will break my heart (if you spoil me, i will stab you with a knitting needle) returns on Friday for a final batch of episodes.

while i have banished the yarn to the depths of the stash closet, i know exactly where it is. and so it will be pulled out and the sock will be worked on.

i promised TPTB that when they gave me my show back, i would finish the sock in time for the series finale.

and i will get started on fulfilling my promise, as soon as i get back from Toronto this weekend.

so say we all.


Martha said...

UM. I think you mean you're going to CAST ON this weekend, rite?

Yarn party all weekend baby!

suzanne said...

I am also a huge BSG fan. I want some of that gorgeous Eye of Jupiter yarn. Any suggestions??? Thank you.