Monday, December 8, 2008

slipping into bad habits

let me explain. wait, too long, let me sum up.

interviewed for a job, dealt with more red tape than exists in Washington, DC, argued back and forth, got the job, started the job and have been inundated.

oh, and then i decided to cook thanksgiving dinner for some friends.

in between all of that, there has actually been knitting and yarn shopping. but i realized i turned 2 skeins into gifts before i got a chance to photograph them. oops.

more than likely, i won't really get a chance to update before chistmas. but i'm off starting dec 24th going straight through to jan 5th, so i promise to catch up on my blogging then!!!


Creativehands said...

o.k. then. Glad to see you're still here; even after Rhinebeck!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous yarn, beautiful sweaters, and the eye of Jupiter heel is just too cool! I have to learn to do that now.