Tuesday, October 23, 2007

and then there was Rhinebeck

well, the Lindsay sweater didn't get finished in time, but since it was almost 70 degrees, I guess it really didn't matter.

but how incredible was it?

a minivan, designed to fit seven, crammed full of 8 knitters, bagels galore and countless carrot cake cupcakes made by the lovely Glenna C.

and a wool fair that beats anything you could imagine. a beautiful blue sky, fall trees in stunning russets and golds, amazing food. and yarn. lots and lots of yarn.

also? i purchased a spinning wheel. :)

rather than post every single picture up here, i figure i'll post one important one and then send you off to flickr for the rest.

this is what greets you when you come off the highway:

picture courtesy of abbieprime.

here are the rest.

Monday, October 1, 2007

crisis (sort of) averted

so last night, i finally bit the bullet and started the shawl collar of the Lindsay sweater. although my short row technique may not be the best (don't look too closely at the wrapped stitches), i think its actually coming along quite nicely.


and, upon closer inspection,

the color is actually closer to the burgundy. the short rows are bringing the collar and the shoulders closer to the neck. and once the short rows are done, we have about 25 rows left after that!

and as for rhinebeck, it looks like it will only be 5 of us. and my friend holly from my knitting group drives (thank god) so we must gift her with coffee and treats...