Monday, October 1, 2007

crisis (sort of) averted

so last night, i finally bit the bullet and started the shawl collar of the Lindsay sweater. although my short row technique may not be the best (don't look too closely at the wrapped stitches), i think its actually coming along quite nicely.


and, upon closer inspection,

the color is actually closer to the burgundy. the short rows are bringing the collar and the shoulders closer to the neck. and once the short rows are done, we have about 25 rows left after that!

and as for rhinebeck, it looks like it will only be 5 of us. and my friend holly from my knitting group drives (thank god) so we must gift her with coffee and treats...


Glenna C said...

I was totally serious about baking us cupcakes on Friday night. Tell Holly to request a flavour! (this is all provided that I can use your kitchen thusly on Friday night for, oh, say, 2 hrs) :D

The sweater is very fetching mah deah! We will both be red and will never lose each other in the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Icarus is stubborn enough to hiss back at you. Did Glenna talk to it? Maybe it needs a little wining and dining. Knitting can be such a diva when it wants to be. I've taken the route to trying to beat it into submission. You're stronger than the knitting!