Tuesday, October 23, 2007

and then there was Rhinebeck

well, the Lindsay sweater didn't get finished in time, but since it was almost 70 degrees, I guess it really didn't matter.

but how incredible was it?

a minivan, designed to fit seven, crammed full of 8 knitters, bagels galore and countless carrot cake cupcakes made by the lovely Glenna C.

and a wool fair that beats anything you could imagine. a beautiful blue sky, fall trees in stunning russets and golds, amazing food. and yarn. lots and lots of yarn.

also? i purchased a spinning wheel. :)

rather than post every single picture up here, i figure i'll post one important one and then send you off to flickr for the rest.

this is what greets you when you come off the highway:

picture courtesy of abbieprime.

here are the rest.

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