Tuesday, September 25, 2007


ok, totally freaking out about 2 things

1) the Lindsay sweater. I think my gauge was off b/c its feeling a little snug. this makes me very nervous. I have the arms seamed up as well as the raglan on the shoulders and its just...snug.

i think i'm going to plan on doing extra short rows when i start the shawl collar. that should help some of the ease on the body of the sweater.

2) rhinebeck. ok, so the original plan about hiring a small bus went bust when i got the $1500 quote. no way in hell am i paying that. right now, the most economical option is renting a car (probably a minivan) but that requires people who can drive it. i cannot drive. i have one friend in the group who can drive, but if we end up with enough people for 2 cars, we may be in a spot of trouble. still, 7 or less people means a minivan and that would be awesome. enough room for the peeps and the yarn.

and as a side note, knitting baby socks sucks. they come out looking all wonky. so the family that i am knitting socks for may be getting a kitty and a sheldon for the kids and socks for the adults. b/c the socks for the adults are already done and that makes me happy.

Update: so looking at the picture of the lindsay sweater, the extra short rows should work. the ribbing actually goes pretty deep into the body of the sweater. i guess that's my weekend project.

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Glenna C said...

I hope it all works out too! Is the train option not so do-able then?
Have you confirmed who all is going to be coming along and who's able to drive, etc?

PS - I can't bring cupcakes on the plane (WOE), but I would love to bake you some on the Friday night and we could take them along on the Saturday. Even plain chocolate would be yummers.