Friday, March 30, 2007

oh, for the love of god

i really keep meaning to post some of the completed projects of 2007. but sadly, my stupid camera is missing its memory card.

so i guess you will have to be satisfied with a list of what's on my needles right now.

*a baby kimono and pants set for my therapist who is preggers. she also got hit by a taxi cab a few weeks ago. baby is fine, but her knee was damaged, so she's in a wheelchair right now. so no therapy. which means, i need to knit more.

*a shawl for my aunt made out of Handmaiden Sea Silk. but while i love the yarn, i am uninspired by the patterns so far, so it will get ripped out again.

*a ear band thing in a lovely alpaca yarn. its very easy but i made the mistake of putting it down and haven't gone back to it.

*a tank top for summer in a fantastic cotton. i'm designing it myself, so it will be simple, but I can't wait to finish it.

The baby stuff just needs to be sewn up, so that will be the first FO. But then it will probably be the tank top. Because summer is coming to NY, and that is tank top season.

Now, where the hell did I put that memory card?

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Kicking N. Screaming said...

Hey, look who's blogging! I've been thinking to myself "what can I do to get some manipulated textiles from my good friend?" and then I found her blog. And I thought...I'll mention in passing here that Kate needs a scarf exactly like that of Mary Poppins. Just sayin'...I don't think you can do it. :)