Tuesday, May 8, 2007

woot! i have a picture (well, of one FO). I really do need a new digital camera.

so this is a picture of the pink sock at work.

pattern; Interweave Knits. I don't remember the issue, but its the cover of their book of Favorite Socks. I only did the leg repeat twice (instead of three times) b/c I have freakishly large calves and didn't want to do the necessary math to adjust the pattern

yarn: 1 skein of Fleece Artist Nova Socks in Rose. Bought from my friend's online store, The Skein

Totally fun pattern to knit. Once you get the lace pattern in your head, it flies by. The first sock took about 15 hours to knit, but the second only about 10.

And yes, I still get a kick out of (most of) the looks I get on the subway. I mean, really people, its just knitting! It would be like me looking at someone working with power tools! I don't do it myself, but its not like I can't learn!

Anyway, onto the next project (or two). One Clapotis for a friend, and an Icarus Shawl for me. yikes!!!!!


Glenna C said...

Nice sock! The colour is awesome, I might have to try that pattern too.

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