Monday, June 18, 2007

1) camera with new battery- check
2) new card reader to load pictures taken with camera with new battery- check
3) blog back on track- CHECK!!!!!

yes folks, i have a camera and a computer and this can only mean one thing...

totally unstitched is back on track!

which of course means a lot of catching up...


a fantastic skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk in a colorway I can't remember

fleece artist sea wool- and i just realized they don't list the colorway- still, one of my most favorite sock yarns

socks that rock- in january one colorway. named after january one one of my favorite bloggers

and some Tahki Cotton Classic that shall be made into a bag of some sort

i realize that i am going to need a more neutral background. my quilt clashes just a bit ;)

the first 2 were purchased in Toronto, which is just about one of my favorite yarn cities. its just insane how crazy i get when go there. sadly for my pocketbook, my company has an office there and occasionally they send me up. and like sirens, the stores call to me and lure me to their shores.

so now that i have all this yarn, what ever shall i do with it? hmmm, i guess more pictures later!

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