Friday, June 29, 2007

when i'm at work, i remember that i need to post some pictures, but of course i left the CF card at home. at home (which I have seen little of this week due to one birthday party and many more insane nights at work) all i do is collapse and totally forget to post.

so, i will just say this.

i have too much yarn. i will provide photographic evidence of this over the weekend. but i have enough yarn currently bagged and tagged for almost 10 projects. a shawl, 5 pairs of socks, fingerless gloves (up to the elbow with a cute cable pattern), a tank top, a nightgown, and a fall/winter sweater. then there is the yarn that hasn't been tagged for any particular project and was bought in moments of weakness. that fills 2 large Tupperware containers.

and so here now, i make a vow.

I will only buy yarn 3 more times this year. Once when I go back up to Toronto (probably in August for a business trip), at Rhinebeck in October, and if I go away over my birthday, I will have to keep up the tradition of buying yarn when I travel. Since I'm trying to see if I can afford to go to London and Paris over my b-day, there must be some yarn shopping there.

it will be fun for you all to watch me go through withdrawal. the shakes start first, the drooling in front of yarn shops later.

pictures to come over the weekend. plus a progress report on the Icarus shawl which is now up to 375 stitches per row. currently we have a love/hate thing going on.

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Glenna C said...

Oh, darling. I just took stock and realized I have yarn to fill 5 rubbermaid bins. Yep, I'm doomed. ;)