Monday, February 25, 2008

oh my god, i suck at this so badly! so my pledge to update once a week pretty much went out the window the second week of the new year. blame it on the never ending cold (seriously- it was the plague) and the back to back business trips, both of which were extremely successful.

the crazy ass work thing in Vegas ended up with me and my team being awake for 43 hours straight, but hey, we won, so there! and i managed to impress some serious people big time. now i just have to parlay that success into real work mojo. we'll see how well i do at that part.

in the yarn world, i've done a few things since that post.

1) I lost the damn hat. The one that I almost cried over. Yeah, gone. My hope is that someone at the swanky restaurant saw it and went "oh, squishy and pretty!" and that it has found a good home rather than getting trampled under feet.

2) I made gloves, which it seems i forgot to take pictures of. dammit. but that will be rectified this weekend.

3) finished a sweater (finally!). no, not the lindsay sweater. i'm going to have to rip out the collar and redo it as i got a bit over-enthusiastic with the damn thing and now its basically a blanket. but i finished the Mrs Darcy sweater and it is oh so cute. pictures to come, but for a sneak preview, Glenna C. posted this picture of me wearing it when I went yarn shopping with her and Martha during my trip to Toronto.

4) Oh yeah, I went yarn shopping in Toronto. My credit card was melting. Go here to see the pretty pictures. I bought 9 balls of the Madil Desire to make this sweater from Interweave Knits, and that will start as soon as I am done with the first installment of the 2008 Rockin' Sock Club sock.

5) Yes, I got my RSC stuff, but sadly, I cannot show it to you until I am all done with the socks. The pattern is fantastic and will be used again, and while I like the color of the yarn (beautiful bright reds in honor of Lunar New Year) I'm not crazy about how the pattern is causing the color to pool. But still, they are hand knit socks and I'm convinced hand knit socks are the key to world peace.

So tonight is Monday and that is knit night. This makes me happy. Also? February is almost done and that means winter is winding down and that makes me ecstatic b/c this winter has kinda sucked for a lot of people in my life and that really pisses me off.

I'll have to start that Slyph sweater. A spring sweater in a pretty blue yarn? Says spring to me!


Glenna C said...

Yayyyyyy Toronto yarn haul. I started in on mine finally, with the Mission Falls - it'll be 2 sweaters at once for a while but at least the Mission falls is thicker and will knit faster.

I offer a moment of silence in honour of your fallen hat. It was noble and tried its best.

Martha said...

If there is no one in NYC that does not see the beauty in a FREE Koolhaas then there is no hope left. *mourns*

I suddenly had the urge to cast on with the Jojoland Melody this afternoon, but it would mean giving Icarus the slip again. Oh sock mojo, where have you come from at long last?