Sunday, March 2, 2008

omg! two posts in about a week! *ducks to avoid flying pigs*

yes, I'm trying to post more than once a week. and since i finished a pair of socks this afternoon, i decided not to wait.

and here they are! really hope i'm not breaking too many RSC rules.

here are my dragon socks.

they took a long time because of the 2 business trip I had. the first sock took almost a month. the second took barely a week.

i'm thinking i'm going to wear them tomorrow b/c this winter never wants to end and i need something bright.

but just in case spring is on the way, I think i'll start on my sweater :)


Martha said...

Yay, sockies!

I hear you on the brights. I'm leaving all my finished neon washcloths out on the coffee table just so there's some colour to look at.

Glenna C said...

Those socks will be good for the never-ending winter: bright and cheerful and WARM!

Abbieprime said...

Oh beautiful! I kind of like how the pooling worked, it's almost striped. I hope you wear them tomorrow, I want to see them in person!