Thursday, March 13, 2008

so spring is actually on the way. i mean, tomorrow its supposed to be over 50! woot!

in celebration, I had started making this sweater:

totally cute, just enough of a challenge. sadly, the yarn I chose, while beautiful, did not display the pattern to its best advantage, so into the frog pond it went.

then yesterday, the Spring issue of Knitty was posted and oh joy! I found this sweater!

love it! its snug and lovely and the cable is a crazy easy pattern. I'll make the sleeves a bit longer.

i was a good girl and swatched and adjusted my needles, etc, etc.

and the damn swatch lied to me. I'm 5 rows in (and this thing is knit in the round, so almost 300 stitches per round) and the damn thing is big enough to fit me AND my cat!

grrr. i want a spring sweater dammit! I'm having a fairly crap week and I need some good knitting mojo!

tonight, I will frog (again), and start the smaller size with a size smaller needles.



Anonymous said...

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LMP said...

Those sweaters are both so very YOU that I can't wait to see them modeled by their maker. (You're cuter than those chicks anyway)