Sunday, April 27, 2008

let me explain

well, maybe just sum up.

its been quite the 6 weeks here, and while most of it is boring personal stuff (existential crisis at work which has led to a massive amount of yarn shopping), there has also been quite a bit of knitting and knitting events going on!!!

the first was the pilgrimage to go see the Yarn Harlot on her stop in NYC. as always, she is a blast to experience as she is witty and sarcastic and ever so Canadian that it makes me smile with joy.

and it was extra special b/c Glenna C came down for the book signing and stayed for the weekend. We got there late for the book signing, but the other women from my knitting circle got there early enough to get seats. And between Glenna, Melanie, and Holly, I ended up with 3 close friends all pictured on the Harlot's blog!!! That's pretty big stuff!!! Go here if you want to marvel at the awesome that is Glenna's Venezia Sweater, Melanie's first sock and Holly's 3rd project which was an Endpaper mitt (I'd been knitting for 5 years before i braved that thing!)

the stress at work led to a whole ton of "yarn shopping as Xanax". Rather than try and post all the pictures here (i did a LOT of yarn shopping), I will simply direct you to Flickr where you can survey the damage for yourself. And there has been more purchased since then. Seriously, its been a really crazy month at work.

So pictures of some FOs (I need to start a list at the side, i suspect this will be a very prolific FO year)

Here is Catherine's sweater. Catherine is the daughter of one of my oldest friends (we met the first day of University- 17 years ago!) and as befitting her Irish heritage, just had to make her a green sweater.

Here is her sweater:

and here is Catherine in her sweater smiling at her daddy.

So freakin' cute!!!

I also finished a set of mermaid gloves. here i was, all intimidated by yet another of cookie a.'s patterns, but it was simple and soothing and stunningly beautiful.

here is one glove at its midway point. the set is actually done, but i can't find my stupid camera (i know its here somewhere!!)

the first set i made was a wee bit too small. luckily they only used up one skein of shu bui sock yarn i bought. this pair will be gifted, and i will make a new pair for myself, with some minor adjustments. i really loved knitting the pattern and will have to make the socks very very soon.

i am still working on the Yosemite sweater. there was a minor setback, due to the fact that i can't read, but its been fixed and i'm almost done with the body of the sweater. i would show you my progress, but again am thwarted by the lack of camera situation.

now i'm just knitting an uncomplicated sock in some yarn. by uncomplicated, i mean its in stockinette and while a bit boring, i can knit while re-watching episodes of Battlestar Galactica (shut up! yes I'm a geek. and i love it!) and do so without making mistakes.

And finally, before I leave the house today, this must be tackled.

the remains of the Icarus Shawl

After a year of hiding it in the back of my closet, i will finally tackle the pain of frogging it (ouch) all because i was stupid and never put in a lifeline.

i have learned my lesson. i will never do lace again without a lifeline.



Glenna C said...

Yay for cute baby sweaters! Hurray!

I sympathize with the yarn xanax. I bought more yesterday at the Toronto Knitter's Frolic. I need help. And to cut down on my LYS exposure!

(But Knitty City I think is now on my permanent NYC visit list, in large part due to the Shi Bui sock...and don't think I've forgotten we spied that S'mac nearby...)

Martha said...

*holds your hand* You can do it. Get someone over there to pour booze down your throat too. Kill that anxiety-making UFO!