Tuesday, May 6, 2008

well, i have 5 projects on needles right now, because with my seasonal insomnia comes knitting ennui.

1 pair of stockingette socks that are perfect for mindless knitting in front of the tv. sadly, i haven't been watching that much tv, ergo the socks are just sitting there taunting the cat.

the yosemite sweater progresses. body is done (FINALLY!!) all that is left is the placket and the sleeves. problem is, its now too large to take with me, so i really just need a nice weekend day to head to the park, sit under a tree and knit. maybe this weekend.

a lace sweater that is destined to be ripped back b/c my gauge swatch lied to me. this is a polite blog, so i will not repeat the words i used when i realized this.

a sweater based on the tulip baby sweater. sadly, its for someone i don't like, but its family, so i'm sort of screwed on that one.

and my current little travel project, a little lace scarf using my Malabrigo Lace Weight yarn. i wish i could find the smart card for my camera so i could post pictures of it, b/c its so beautiful and it is allowing me to regain my self-esteem when it comes to lace.

so here is the plan to deal with this glut of WIPs.

1) don't worry about the socks. there is plenty of tv to watch and they'll get done...eventually.

2) finish yosemite in the next 3 weeks. I'm going to SF on vacation over Memorial Day weekend and that sweater will be joining me, preferably finished.

3) rip out lace sweater. swear at it some more.

4) finish the baby sweater this week. i need to give it to the mom-to-be in about 10 days anyway.

5) fawn over the lace scarf and rub it against my skin as much as possible. i freaking love that stuff.

and then my project for my travels?

this yarn, made into socks.

as evidence of my utter geekdom, the colorway is called Eye of Jupiter. yes, its BSG inspired yarn. And before you say anything, let me just say something.

Bite me :)


Martha said...

Oooh I really want to see your lace scarf! Malabrigo yum!

I'm just jealous of the BSG sock yarn. LUCKY. Can't wait to see the socks.

LMP said...

Last Post: May 6th. The problem with Obsessive Knitters blogging is they can't seem to put the needles down long enough to type anything.