Sunday, July 6, 2008

oh, i just give up

yeah, its been 2 months since i updated this blog. i give up on making promises to update once a day/week/month/year. i'm letting go of the guilt (sort of).

well, the biggest news is that in the last 3 weeks, I quit my full time job. a bunch of small things just avalanched into issues that I no longer wanted to deal with and I realized that my ability to go anywhere in the company was limited. therefore, it was time to leave and re-evaluate.

so what have I been doing?

knitting :)

first off, knee socks!!!

and an in-progress shot

these were cool b/c i did an afterthought heel, which was necessary b/c i only had so much of the main yarn color and I didn't want to waste it on a heel flap. so you just knit a tube, pick up a bunch of stitches and basically knit another toe! worked so well that the BSG socks will follow a similar vein!

the yosemite sweater is finished! i made the sleeves longer. it looks totally shapeless in the pictures, but it looks really great on. sadly for the (small) viewing public I have out there, its freakin' 90 degrees in NYC and there is no amount of money that will induce me to try on that sweater for a picture. you'll just have to wait for fall, when I will probably wear it to death.

and a scarf, made out of 1/2 a skein of the yummy Malabrigo lace weight I purchased at Knitty City when Glenna was in town.
i love this scarf and suspect it will be made a few more times for Christmas gifts. Its insanely easy and is so damn soft you just want to roll around in it nekkid. good stuff, that Malabrigo.

It was heartbreaking to hear about the fire at the Malabrigo headquarters. So of course, I went on a wee bit of a spree. I had picked up 5 skeins of the Malabrigo Worsted in "Paris Night" at ImagiKnits in SF, but when I heard about the fire (and subsequent delay in being able to get more Malabrigo) ordered 6 skeins in "Cabaret". i know the yarn is not plied, and will probably pill like crazy, but i don't care! yarn that soft needs to be made into garments for me to wear, to hell with the upkeep!!!!

current projects include the Hourglass Sweater from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" (in the "Cabernet" Malabrigo) as well as the BSG socks. And I just (sort-of) finished a tank top, knit out of the 100% silk yarn ("Hana") that i fell in love with at Artfibers. Sadly, I don't see it on their site right now, which is worrysome. i loved the yarn, and the only complaint i had was that the color bleed a bit and so i noticed my right thumb (which pushes stitches around) was a bit blue. i need to finish the straps and weave in the ends and then I will post a picture. i sort of made up the pattern by combining 2 different patterns from "Knitting Lingerie Style" and i'm really quite happy with it! I'm hoping to get it done this week as I have a bachlorette party to go to on Saturday and i think it would look amazing. i just can't wear the white skirt with it, since I'm afraid it might bleed.

there are also some sewing projects taking place, and that's been fun. its been almost a year since i had a working sewing machine and its great to hear that lovely sound.

so fingers crossed that the "vacation" will allow me to work on projects and post more often. but you know, i'm not making any promises.


Glenna C said...

I hope your vacation brings more knitting indeed! And just think of all the new stuff you can start now that you've got these projects finished and off your plate.

Dare I ask - have you started thinking about Rhinebeck sweaters yet? ;)

Anonymous said...

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