Saturday, August 2, 2008

less than a month later!!!

woot! i managed to post less than a month after my last post!!!

well, the job search has commenced, mostly b/c i've mostly finished working on the apartment and am starting to get bored. and when i get bored, i get mopey. and then downright morose. ergo, job search.

but in the meantime, i've been doing some knitting. now, if you were expecting photographic evidence of said activity, you are doomed to disappointment.

mostly b/c i was too busy taking pictures of my stash!

actually, more like pictures of stash management. previously, all my yarn was shoved willy-nilly into plastic bins and while it was all nice and safe from evil moths and such, it was not the best way to have an idea of what i possessed. which led to a massive amount of yarn shopping when i felt i had NOTHING to knit with.

Before: Neat, but unorganized

During: Uncontrolled Chaos

After: Order restored

categories include- 1 skein, Remainders, Fair Isle, Bulky, Cotton, etc. And Sock Yarn. There is A LOT of sock yarn.

sadly, i had a massive allergy attack during the cleaning. i've been tested for dust mites, etc, but i'm starting to become a wee bit nervous that i may be allergic to fibers given off by the myriad variations of yarn i have in my collection.

so how do you explain to your NYC allergist when you have to call and ask "can we check and see if i'm allergic to sheep?" that could get me some funny looks, i'm thinking

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Glenna C said...

Hmmm, I am not sure we can say you have "a lot of sock yarn" unless we do a careful comparative study. Is your sock yarn stash poised to leap from your closet and eat you in the middle of the night? (um, not that I would know this from experience, no not at all...) If not, I think you are safe.