Sunday, October 12, 2008

it is done, and i did it!!

now, where are my bagels and muffins? most of my friends will get the reference.

so the Espresso sweater is done. DONE, i tell you! ends weaved in, all blocked, buttons sewn own. and it is beautiful!

click on the pictures to get full sized shots.

side view

kitty is curious

and the Shetland Triangle shawl i started on Tuesday and cast off my needles tonight. seriously, one of the fastest patterns i've ever done. here is a WIP picture. i'll post more of the joy that will be blocking it tomorrow when I actually don't have to be in my bed while the shawl dries. plus, i will be able to lock the curious kitty out of my room while i block it.

it was such a great pattern to knit. i will absolutely be making this again!!!

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Crazy Phillips Momma said...

gorgeous sweater, got your link off of yarn harlot.