Sunday, October 5, 2008

a light at the end of the tunnel

i can see it, i can see it!

the sweater is almost done. i've already seamed everything and woven in all of the ends. the only thing left to do is attach the collar, which will be a bit fiddly but not heinous. well, then the button band and buttons, but that's just icing.

one thing i have noticed this past summer with the 3 upper body garments i have done. i think all of my sweaters are too short! looks like i need to add an inch (maybe even 2) to the body of the sweater, probably one inch above the waist shaping and an inch below. that will bring it down a little further on my hips as right now, all of my sweaters are hitting just above the biggest part of my hips. its not too bad if i make sure to keep my tee-shirts tucked in, but if not, the whole look is sloppy. granted, some of that may be because tee-shirts are made so damn long right now, but i think the next sweater i make (still deciding) will be a bit longer.

anyway, here is a picture of the sweater ALMOST done:

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