Wednesday, September 10, 2008

oh what a beautiful morning!

its really lovely in NYC right now. fall is absolutely on its way. warm during the day, cool at night and soon it will be comfy to be in my hand knits all the time.

in that vein, i have 2 new FOs! woot! and both are absolutely in preparation for Rhinebeck which is less than 5 weeks away (and I really need to get cracking on those plans, huh?)

anyway, first up we have a pair of Yummy Mummy Wristwarmers. I had gotten so sick of stockinette that they were a needed respite and i was so happy to have something intricate to play with. the nice part is that in doing this pattern, i finally figured out how to know which way to cross cables without looking at the chart, and that's a nice little shortcut to know.

i also finished the Embossed Leaves socks and I loved doing this pattern. This was the first time I used Koigu for socks and i love the feel of it. I can totally see why people freak out about this stuff! Its the Koigu i bought in SF and i'm happy i have one skein left although i have no clue what i'm going to do with it. But that can be decided later.

and then there is the lovely Espresso Cardigan from "A Fine Fleece". I'm making it out of the Malabrigo Worsted that i picked up in SF. I'm really, really happy with how well the stitch definition is showing up. So far the back and half of one of the fronts is done. And since I'm done with the wristwarmers and the socks, i'm going to concentrate on the sweater b/c i'm absolutely wearing that to rhinebeck. and since its a cardigan, if its as hot this year as it was last year, i can take it off to cool down when i need to (please don't let it be in the 70s this year! that's just wrong for October!).

Here are some of the in progress shots.

The back, with the small cable detail at the base.

And one of the fronts.

and the cable detail:

And in yarny goodness news, 2 weeks ago (i know, i really should post more), Martha came down to NYC for an actual vacation (gasp!) and consented to be my yarn mule. Glenna had picked up one of the few skeins of Malabrigo Sock Yarn in existence and sold one to me and sent it down with Martha. And as a thank you for letting her stay (silly girl, there is never a need for a thank you, if my apartment were bigger, i'd have people over all the time so that i can entertain them), Martha brought me a skein of STR in the Lettuce Knit colorway. So basically one of my favorite yarns in a color way that is a nod to one of my favorite yarn stores. gotta love it!

aren't they pretty! the top is the STR, the bottom is the Malabrigo. loves them ever so much!

now, to decide what to do with them. after i'm done with the Espresso sweater.

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