Sunday, September 21, 2008

ok, no pictures.

which is sad, i know, but this isn't about pictures.

1) the damn sleeves of the Espresso sweater have proved to be one big errata, which might be me, but i doubt it. the website for the book already shows there was a mistake in the measurement of the schematic. needless to say, i hit the maximum width somewhere around my elbow. i'm now contemplating unravelling the entire sleeve back and employing Calculus (gasp!) to calculate rise over run and to see where my increases should be. so the sleeves are moving to the side and i'll do the collar.

2) the puncture wound is healing nicely. there was a little bit of a blip when the doctor decided he needed to make sure that there wasn't an abscess (about 2 inches of the needle went into my, um, buttock). and that hurt a bit.

but nothing like the tetanus shot i had to get. no, my knitting needles aren't rusty (that's not the only time you need a tetauns shot). i got the damn shot of friday, today is the first day that i can lift my arm above my shoulder and the site of the injection is still hot and red. and i haven't slept on my left side in 2 nights and i'm getting sort of cranky.

i'll let you all know when i've managed to figure out the damn sleeves.

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