Saturday, September 13, 2008


now, i know what i said. i really need to concentrate on the Espresso sweater so that it will be ready for Rhinebeck (5 weeks, baby!!). i know i was going to stay loyal and not stray to another project.

i broke.

Interlocking Leaves
from the fall issue of Knitty. its been a while since i really loved anything from Knitty, but i fell in love with these at first glance.

and of course, i pulled out the malabrigo sock yarn i got from Glenna (who just scored some more crack yarn.

don't worry, i'm still working on Espresso. The back and the left front are done, the right front is in progress. it will be done in time for rhinebeck.

as will my socks. and that's all that will be on my needles until both are done.

*fingers crossed*

1 comment:

Glenna said...

It's OK, your Espresso forgives you. You always need socks to work on!