Thursday, October 16, 2008


my powers of mind control are greater than i thought!!!!

they just announced that BSG is coming back Jan 16, 2009.

my protest sock worked!!! woo-hoo!!!

now this means i have to finish the second sock. and that means finding the yarn. and that means finding the yarn before Rhinebeck, or it could get buried by the purchases and never be heard from again. and that could tempt the wrath of whatever from high atop the thing, and i'd never finish another knitting project again.

(wow, two TV fandoms in one post!!!)

this is a picture of the heel of my Eye of Jupiter sock:

tomorrow, the wonderful Glenna arrives and there will be tea and scones, frolicking in Central Park, yarn shopping (as warm up to the weekend) and Mac and Cheese for dinner.

and then Saturday, RHINEBECK!!!!!!!!!!

not that i'm excited or anything

1 comment:

Beaky said...

I am truly scared of the awesome powers of your brain.

Have a wonderful time at Rhinebeck!!!